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The International Short Tourism Film Festival is an annual 4-day event, with every day screenings, held at YPERIA International Convention of Culture and Tourism.

Micro m Festival! the unique festival of short films that was loved intensely, travels all over Greece and giving an appointment for a moment to become one city, one big cinema

AegeanDocs is an international Festival of documentary films taking place in Lesvos, Chios and in other 9 islands of Aegean sea.

The International Animation Festival – Animasyros is the largest festival and market of its kind in Greece and one of the 20 most important globally

Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights, introduces audiences to some of the best productions of the year An ideal opening of the upcoming movie season

Drama International Short Film Festival is Greece’s leading short film Festival and the annual meeting place for filmmakers and industry professionals.

After Ciné-club, the French Institute is opening a new festival, the Summer Open-air, French Film Festival!

SIFestival is a festival of the arts taking place during summer in the beautiful island of Sifnos, in the Cyclades, Greece

ΠΙΚ-ΝΙΚ Urban Festival! Για τρεις ημέρες, χιλιάδες κάτοικοι και επισκέπτες της πόλης, γεμίζουν τα καλαθάκια τους και στρώνουν τα καρό τους τραπεζομάντηλα στο γρασίδι στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο της Ρωμαϊκής Αγοράς!

Beyond the Borders Festival is aiming to become a meeting point for Greek and foreign documentary filmmakers each year in Castellorizo!

Athens Open Air Film Festival organizes outdoor events against the backdrop of the most distinctive monuments of Athens, touristic destinations as well as more unexpected locations

Aegina Film Festival! Projections of Greek films and tributes to directors at Domaine Kollatos every summer in Aegina with free admission

SeaNema Open Air Film Festival transforms idyllic beaches and other seaside spots of Kefalonia into a charming outdoor movie theater!

Vovousa festival! The theme of the festival focuses on the mountain altitude, nature conservation through sustainable development and is dedicated to youth, photography, video art and cinematography!

The International Film Festival of Patmos combines the idyllic backdrop of Patmos with the cutting edge of film to create a unique, creative experience!

Weak-end Festival taking place in South Evia in order to strengthen the Greek cultural creation in fields of music, theater, cinema, other media and performing arts

Zagoriwood– For the first time at the mountains of Epirus in Greece a CINEMA VILLAGE-NETWORK

SIFF brings Greek and Ιnternational independent film to Syros every summer through two competition sections, thematic screenings, workshops, talks, and parallel exhibitions

The LifeArt Global Media Festival is a celebration of art, life and film, past, present and why not the future. A festival for filmmakers of tomorrow!

Très Court International Film Festival comes to Greece in five cities of Crete with the cooperation with Chania Film Festival!

A multidimensional festival, full of theatrical and dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific meetings, tributes and events

Oiti’s Festival organizes a number of cultural events to stimulate and promote cultural life in the region.

Offside Festival! The film camera comes down from the football shuttle, enters the locker room and captures the stories that the king of sports has to tell.

A unique festival that combines a variety of interactive activities for visitors with Surf as it’s main point of interest.

Audiovisual Arts Festival. An artistic, educational and scientific activities festival, provides the students of Ionian University an opportunity to present their creative work.

En Lefko Film Festival a brand new cinematic experience A week full of screenings and happenings exploring more or less all forms of art.

i.P.A.S. Film Festival, the only international Short Film Festival exclusively with political and activist character

IN-EDIT International Music Documentary Film Festival, is a global festival connecting the two most important sectors of the cultural industry; music and cinema.

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is the international animation festival that aims to constitute a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world in Corfu island.

Τhe Francophone Film Festival of Greece offers the audience an exceptional selection of French and Francophone films for a whole week

Athens ANIMFEST welcomes animated movies, both short and feature films, from all over the world.

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, presents documentaries from all over the world in order to inform, raise awareness and motivate the audience on crucial social issues that demand their active participation

AIDFF progressing the idea of digital cinema, concludes fiction films, documentaries, animation, video art, video dance, experimental and student films that were created by using new digital media

Flow film festival is a must see experience if you love snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding! Powered by: Snowboard.gr | Jagged mellon productions | Snoworks

Ethnofest Festival retains its academic dimension, by providing a platform to young filmmakers, anthropologists and social scientists to showcase their work!

Panorama of European Cinema The longest running film festival of Athens providing the audience with the opportunity to be the first to watch movies that will leave a strong imprint on the current film season

TIFFl is the top film festival of South Eastern Europe, the presentation platform for the year’s Greek productions, and the primary and oldest festival in the Balkans

Chania Film Festival is an international film festival starting in Chania, in the region of Crete. A celebration of the 7th art!

Adventure Film Festival. The first Greek cinematographic festival dedicated in the athletic activities of adventure, is ready to unite the friends of adventure sports

Caravan Project is a non-profit Greek initiative, aiming at collecting and communicating untold human stories that can inspire and motivate others

Greek Documentary Festival -Docfest is a competitive festival, its goal is to support the creative Greek documentary film industr

Dimitria, the festival that has become an institution for Thessaloniki, will unravel, develop and try to transform the city into an enormous cultural work-site

Athenian Film Festival. The city as an ideal occasion for a cinematic feast, with backdrop of Athens!!!

Poros Arts Festival aims to give life in the neighborhoods of the island of Poros and to give a fresh air to the summertime through concerts, exhibitions, cinema, theatre and dance!

Festival at the Park, a summer cultural, sports, and environmental festivities at the Park of Paros Island.