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Syros Jazz Festival, a festival with jazz music groups that represent very different from each other sides of modern improvised music

Corfu Beer Festival! The Festival is an annual event which has already become a tradition. It is not just a Beer Festival. IT’S A BIG MEETING BETWEEN PEOPLE, CULTURES AND PRODUCTS

Thessaloniki, September, Reworks! Reworks Festival bringing together contemporary culture and forward thinking music in an urban environment. A meeting point throughout Greece and beyond

Spiral Knights Eco-Fest is an ecological festival, unique in its kind, not only for the Greek facts, which unites people,ventures and groups

Athens School Festival is a music initiative of the Organization of Culture, Sport and Youth of City of Athens that the participants are amateur bands from High Schools and Universities

SIFestival is a festival of the arts taking place during summer in the beautiful island of Sifnos, in the Cyclades, Greece

Street Mode is an annual festival of music, art and sports that takes place in the most beautiful part of the city of Thessaloniki, the Port!

Rembetiko Festival Markos Vamvakaris s Syra takes place in Syros island in honour of Markos Vamvakaris, the great indigenous creator and cornerstone of popular music in Greece.

Το Φεστιβάλ Βρύσης Τυρνάβου ξεκίνησε απο μια παρέα φίλων με κοινό παρονομαστή την ανιδιοτελή αγάπη για την μουσική και την μετάδοσή της μέσα απο εναλλακτικές και αυτοδιαχειριζόμενες ενέργειες

Routes in Marpissa is a three-day, experiential, cultural festival organized by a group of volunteers and takes place every August in Marpissa, Paros

Jazz on Tinos! Jazz music, has found a harbor on Tinos island and attracts every year an international audience to enjoy special Jazz music groups

A festival at the plateau of Ziria mountain, few hundred meters away from the cave where Hermes was born , which according to the legend gave us the music,making the first lyre.

Lefkas International Folklore Festival, promotes the message of peace, friendship and brotherhood among nations worldwide through its cultural and traditional folk forms in the art of music and dance..

Festival Description Samothrace World Music Festival The Samothrace World Music Festival was held for the first time in 2005. The festival then moved to Traianoupolis, Greece in 2006 and to Miami, Florida in 2012, 2013, and 2015. Now, 12 years later, it is returning again to its birthplace. “The power of music has been known — but not fully understood — throughout history in all cultures. Music is a means of expression and connects emotions — hope, regret, love — and our stories. As a form of communication, music connects us with other human beings, our inner spirits, and our history in a way that words alone cannot. Music is the human language that bridges cultures, genders, and generations. Our memories are imprinted with music. Music helps us all to define our lives, and songs symbolize an era in our life, bring us together in community, and for some become a form of prayer. When words alone make little sense, music becomes an effective means of communication.” By Lois J. McCloskey. Samothrace is the island of the world famous Winged Nike (Victory), the island of the great gods and ancient mysteries of Kabiria, and home of breathtaking natural beauty with […]

Molyvos International Music Festival (MIMF) is a unique project in the North Aegean region that brings together the greatest international young talents for a three-day celebration of world-class classical music.

Lelekios Fiesta A unique musical festival prepared at the premises of the historical factory PELARGOS (stork) In the arms of the August full moon, the hospitable stork opens its gates for a festival full of music.

Zero Festival The largest youth encounter on an unforgettable experience next to Lake Ziros with sports, music, live bands & shows!

Reborn is a festival of music and art that takes place in the island of Limnos every summer. Reborn means rebirth and rebirth requires change!

Railway Festival The largest festival of alternative music in the Prefecture of Ilia in order to provide high quality music to local audience!

Music Festival of Kioni Ithaca – Slap Back in the Face Each year gains momentum and an increase in audience. Music was pulsing through the olive groves and reverberating through valley

Ireon Music Festival! The Rock Festival of Samos island, with love for good music, identity, love for the island and continuous presence!

Pulsar Festival! Three days of music,rarely available and highly demanded by a well-equipped artistic public on the beautiful, historic island of Samothrace

Reggae vibes is more than a Festival, is the way of understanding life! Reggae – dub world unite! An institution for the fans of reggae and dub music not only in Crete but also the rest of Greece

Saristra Festival! Αfter the magnitude 7.2 earthquake ον 1953, one of the abandoned, ghost-like settlements in the green, mountainous region of Kefalonias Sami, is coming back to life with an outdoor music festival

Fenefest is organized at the wonderful location of Feneos which is an ideal destination for those who love music, mountain and diving at Doxa lake!

Los Almiros Festival, the summer institutional festival in the city of Almiros at the Kouri Forest offers a special cultural 2-day event with lots of music and sports activities!

SNAKFEST, aiming at the cultural expression, creation and amusement of locals and visitors of Ikaria island. Let’s have a great summer!

A uniquely intimate series of concerts celebrating the great canon of chamber music with an ensemble of world-class musicians.

River Party is the largest music and camping festival in Greece! Five days full of fun, concerts, music, camping and parallel activities!

Square Festival invites you to experience the neighborhoods of Neapolis, to walk the streets and squares and enjoy great musical evenings

The aim of Syros Accordion Festival is that the sounds of accordion will inundate the island of Syros for a whole week and maintain the high music quality

Vovousa festival! The theme of the festival focuses on the mountain altitude, nature conservation through sustainable development and is dedicated to youth, photography, video art and cinematography!

Festival Description IN-Fest IN-Fest (In Fest) is a music festival organized by the youth of the city of Kilkis in cooperation with the Municipality of Kilkis. To 1st IN-Fest started accidentally by a young group of friends who simply want to see a local band from Kilkis playing in Kilkis which had to play two years in the city. So they just decided to make a small festival only with local bands mainly to have fun … The festival went well … and the decision to continue came very simply and they created IN-Fest! Press Release 4th IN-Fest 28 and 29 July 2017 Rancho Kilkis Free Camping Free transfer from Kilkis to Rancho and return YOU GOT IT; IN-Fest returns for the 4th consecutive year even bigger and ready to give you 2 days full of music and not only! 13 bands from all over Greece, StandUp Comedy, various events, Youtubers, free Camping, gifts and more!

Over The Wall – Crete Rock Festival is an annual international Rock festival with the purpose of hosting established bands from Greece and abroad

Santorini Arts Factory becomes one of the main cores of cultural activity on Santorini as well as a crossroad of civilizations, which will provide direct, firm and constant access to qualitative artistic events

Anemi Jazz Festival. Folegandros island hosts a jazz festival with Greek character and high level participants from the elite of Greek jazz scene

The Kalamata Street Festival is an international, voluntary, non-commercial festival, which aims to offer an open space to young artists to present and promote their work.

Yakinthia is an artistic cultural festival that takes place every year in July on Crete in the village of Anogeia. An important institution of cultural creation in Greece!

Ardas Festival! The interbalkan cultural institution where young people across the country and the Balkans meet at the River of Civilization sending through music the message of the peaceful coexistence of people!

Hermoupolis Guitar Festival A 5 days summer festival with recitals, chamber music concerts, seminars, guitarists and many other events.

Endorphin Festival. An annual music festival a meeting point for distinguished and emerging music producers and DJ’s from Greece and Central Europe.

Weak-end Festival taking place in South Evia in order to strengthen the Greek cultural creation in fields of music, theater, cinema, other media and performing arts

International Pelion Festival is the heart of the cultural life in East Pelion. Musicians and artists come together to produce a quality of music, arts and discourse that is both highly professional and inspirational

Bloque Festival is focus on electronic music and audio-visual .It takes place annually in Kavala, Greece, and gives you the chance to meet favorite artists and experience a new side of the music you love

Naxos Festival is a platform for intercultural meetings, Greek and global, and includes art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, dance and various cultural activities.

Rock Mountain Festival A festival with view of the lake and the city of Ioannina aiming to highlight and support local bands. Young people who choose to engage in music

Festival of the Aegean takes place annually on the Island of Syros, has become a summer destination for lovers of the arts from Europe and beyond

The Meet Market: A 2-day celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit…A nomadic market place of local goods, fresh ideas and friendly folk.

Ejekt Festival, is the only festival in Greece which brings together new and upcoming artists from the global scene along with reknown legendary names.

Pozar Festival.One of the most beautiful places in Greece Loutraki combining water and mountains with music! The festival of the mountain and the springs

Music Festival of Arvanitsa Forest. A weekend full of music, in the heart of nature with favorite artists of Greek music scene in the heart of the Muses mountain

Up Festival! Each year we will celebrate the summertime. In a beach that is full of life, we will call beloved artists and musicians, and our beloved audience. And we will have one big party at the empty beach..

Full Moon Fiesta, a strong music evening designed to become the new Festival in town at Technopolis City of Athens.

TentArt Festival, is an art festival which takes place in outdoor spaces in Drama, exhibition areas, coffee shops and among the people!

Taking Homers hero Odysseus as its own Odyssia Festival invites the pioneering festival visitors to lose themselves in the luxury of an exploration in music

Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival This unique cultural quality Festival will become, once more, a great cultural event for the artistic activities during the summer period in Athens.

Helios Festival! A sunshine music trip in one of the most beautiful island of Greece, the amazing Corfu!

Melitzazz festival, a colourful, multi-national gathering of cultures in Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia, promises to combine once again tastes and music in a unique way, the first week of July every year!

Paxos Music Festival! The Festival provides the opportunity for some of the most talented young players to develop their skills and repertoire in conjunction with Greek and other international musicians.

Jazz in July Festival! Great music in the summer nights of Crete! Every July the meeting point is Vamos for the Jazz in July Festival

Olympus Festival, includes ancient and modern theatre, dance, music and visual arts, performed by Greek and international artists

Rockwave Festival, the biggest festival in Eastern Europe, welcomes each year the greatest bands and most popular artists of the music industry!

Mediterranean Festival of Sitia. The Greatest Event of the Summer! A thrilling appointment of the people of culture and music!

MAWA Festival Is a 3 days music event in remote places around the world. The 2nd Edition of the Festival will be held on Gavdos Island – Crete

KORFU Odyssee. For 3 days the friends of electronic music start a new adventure in the enchanting parts of Corfu with techno and tech house sounds.

Serres School Music Festival aims to highlight the musical potential that exists within the school community using this level of cultural events

The Holi Fest is a celebration of colors takes place at the end of winter to welcome the Spring Festival is an institution in almost all metropolises of the world now and in Crete!

European Music Day Greece! Organization combines the production and coordination of a series of events that vary in size and in character

Volos Festival! Volos will be totally transformed into a big interactive stage, a film set, where everyone will be able to participate, learn, watch in the ongoing activities redefining each time their outcome

Summer Nostos Festival – SNFestival is an arts, sports and education festival that is open to all, organized and funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Colour Day Festival is the largest and most colorful festival in Greece. Colour, passion, dance, creation, smiles! We’re changing Athens with colour!

Matala Beach Festival! A unique festival on the sandy beach beneath the caves made famous during the hippie era of the 1960s and ‘70s. Today is life. Tomorrow never comes.

A multidimensional festival, full of theatrical and dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific meetings, tributes and events

Moni Lazariston Festival is a major organizer of cultural activities in Thessaloniki. The greatest artists of the Greek and International music industry constantly win the audience’s acceptance and cheerful applause

Greek Jazz Panorama – OCC Music A three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene.

SAF Music concerts, special dance shows, graffiti live action, skate-bmx-inline shows and contests and competitions are bursting the adrenaline and reflect the dynamic of the youth

The Athens Gardens Festival is a music Festival wich will be performed and turn the National Gardens for three days into a charming area of artistic expression and creation

Oiti’s Festival organizes a number of cultural events to stimulate and promote cultural life in the region.

Release Athens is a new festival, aiming to bring a new breath into the musical reality of the country , with a line-up of top acts of the world stage!

The Tinos World Music Festival has included the island of Tinos in the international world scene music and become a meeting point for world artists.

The Elaionas festival, is a festival focusing each year on a theme related to the history of the city of Athens, which combines all the arts!

Festival Description “Music In Motion” is a Festival designed and organized by “Music Is Network”, to promote the creative communication of artists active in contemporary dance and contemporary music. The prototype “Music In Motion” Festival, held successfully in May of 2015 at the “Trianon” multiplex theater, introduced the performance of 11 genuine choreographies based on 11 original contemporary compositions. Press Release Music in Motion Festival 2017 27 28 May 2017 At the 3rd MUSIC IN MOTION Festival, that will be held on 27 and 28 May 2017, 14 choreographers present their creations on musical compositions of 10 Greek composers of modern music. For this year’s festival, MUSIC IS collaborated with the choreographer Konstantinos Mihos, who, after an open call, organized a series of experiential  choreography and music meetings that led to the formation of the “pairs” of collaborations (choreographer – composer / three)..

Preveza Jazz Festival! The biggest Jazz Festival in Western Greece area and one of the few in Greece with an international character!

Medieval Rose Festival! It is a cultural event inspired of the medieval history of the island of Rhodes and re-enacts the every day life as well as legendary events of the time

A unique festival that combines a variety of interactive activities for visitors with Surf as it’s main point of interest.

A Jazz musical journey with one of the most important cultural institutions in Athens. Technopolis becomes the center of the world hosting jazz trends around the globe.

Audiovisual Arts Festival. An artistic, educational and scientific activities festival, provides the students of Ionian University an opportunity to present their creative work.

Just Radio Festival The biggest musical festival in Kozani is a fact, from the student radio station of Western Macedonia, “Just Radio”.

Big Bang Festival! The European music festival for young people and the adventurous visitors 0-12 years old stops off at the OCC!

Nafplio-Artiva Band Festival Cοncert Bands, Big Bands, Variety Music orchestras display their musical creations in a city associated with the arts and culture.

Athens Street Food Festival, the celebration of taste of urban city, welcomes all your favorite “street” delicacies across the world, in the heart of Athens

FASMA festival is a collective attempt to show the prism within which today’s music manifests itself. Aims to bridge art, technology, music and culture under one single event

Westside festival is a new music festival based in Patras. Its main purpose is to present and support numerous musicians and bands that are associated with the Greek indie scene of today.

Borderline Festival! Sound to its limits. Subversive performances and projects in search of new forms of expression and new productions of sound.

Vinyl regains its natural place, Technopolis, with an exclusive VINYL MARKET where all dealers and shops, will present their new collections!

Electric Nights is an annual contemporary electronic music festival organised in Athens, Greece, by the artist collective Medea Electronique

IN-EDIT International Music Documentary Film Festival, is a global festival connecting the two most important sectors of the cultural industry; music and cinema.

Vinyl is Back “was set up” in order to mark the final, non discussable and systematic return of vinyl, in order to be an effective platform of systematic recording of all the involved parts

Europavox Festival ambition is to talk about Europe in a positive way with a human approach and prove that unity in diversity can apply to young Europeans in creative fields such as music

Plisskën Festival, prides for its genre-defying philosophy and aims to embrace music from a diversified background. Feel the vibe of Plisskën!

Thessaloniki Piano Festival is a much anticipated event of the city of Thessaloniki cultural agenda! A Pandemonium’s distinct style!

Monitor Festival created not just be another artistic event but to start a dialogue between tradition and modernity between arts and artists from Crete to the rest of Greece and abroad

Dimitria, the festival that has become an institution for Thessaloniki, will unravel, develop and try to transform the city into an enormous cultural work-site

Swing For Hope, a regularly yearly event, trying to help people and charitable organizations in Greece, through Swing dancing.

Moonshine Festival, a festival full of activities for every age shall travel us back in time and in a different place like the Wild West!

Fougaro Jazz Festival! A high program, from the traditional elements of Jazz up to the most modern forms

Festival of Votanikos Under the Railways marking the neighborhood of Votanikos, an important spot! Live music, theatrical performances, and photography exhibitions .

Djangofest Athens The great celebration of gypsy jazz in Athens! It represents a musical initiative dealing with the gypsy jazz music and friends this

Lampateria is an alternative festival that promotes the respect for nature love for the arts, supporting local producers and the creative exchange and ideas

ΠΙΚ-ΝΙΚ Urban Festival! Για τρεις ημέρες, χιλιάδες κάτοικοι και επισκέπτες της πόλης, γεμίζουν τα καλαθάκια τους και στρώνουν τα καρό τους τραπεζομάντηλα στο γρασίδι στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο της Ρωμαϊκής Αγοράς!

Can You Dance To My Beat festival! Katavothres Club in Argostoli hosts many of dance music’s finest DJs and producers throughout the summer!

rhythmatic the Electronic music dance festival by Madorasindahouse will take place at one of the most beautiful location Pelion has to offer.

Secret Sound Festival! The meeting point for Greek and foreign producers and groups of the Freestyle music scene, with lots of parallel activities.

ORFUN FEST created from the children of Annex of Child Protection of Drama. The main purpose is the acquaintance between the people of Drama and the children who live in the Annex, via jointly fun

Jazz in Paros Festival is held every year on Paros. It is dynamic and in continuous evolution through new collaborations and the pursuit of new innovative artistic expressions

Dream Festival Medousa! A festival in the heart of the summer, full of entertainment and action, for everybody!

Zante Jazz Festival, a 3 days festival in the island of Zakynthos, offering splendid jazz concert nights!

Falirofornia Festival! With the view of the sea, sunset, palm trees and the beach, Palaio Faliro will host a festival dedicated to the culture of the place with a taste California.

Tinos Festival! Concerts, theater, dance, cinema, photography, art events, philosophy, workshops, are all involved creatively with important creators both from Greece, as well as from abroad

For three days, the city of Nafpaktos hostes dancers and their attendants, dancing to the music sounds from every part of the globe

Hip Hop Smile Festival A Festival targeting on Hip Hop music, of which all profits goes directly to the voluntary non-profit organization The Smile of The Child

Festival at the Park, a summer cultural, sports, and environmental festivities at the Park of Paros Island.

Icarus Festival for Dialogue between Cultures is an international music festival, an annual event,that hosts performances by artists or groups whose music and art is a product of multicultural participation or inspiration

Serres World Music Festival! A feast of sentiments, rhythms and stories from all parts of the world and a bridge between cultures and traditions, a panhellenic step highlighting the music traditions of the world

Sainopoulio Amphitheater Festival. Each summertime the heart of culture is more than present in Sparta, through this great festival that includes theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions all summer long.

Patras International Festival is a leading institution and pillar of the city’s cultural life. It has become a reference point for summer cultural events!