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Arc for Dance The festival aims to become a meeting point for interesting dance stories from Greece and abroad but also to bring the public of the city in a substantial contact with different versions of contemporary choreographic thinking

Choreographers, dancers and dancing groups are inspired by the unexpected New Wagon Train Area and created Compartments Dance Project

Chios Dance Festival is a celebration, in order to preserve and strengthen the cultural heritage of Chios and the whole Greece in general.

SIFestival is a festival of the arts taking place during summer in the beautiful island of Sifnos, in the Cyclades, Greece

The International Festival of Folk Dances and Music is among the most prominent cultural events that take place in the prefecture of Thessaloniki

Φεστιβάλ Παραδοσιακών Χορών Διαμαντής Παλαιολόγος. Μια ανοικτή γιορτή που φέρνει κοντά χορευτές και συγκροτήματα από ολόκληρο τον κόσμο αναδεικνύει τη Σκόπελο ως κέντρου λαϊκού πολιτισμού και παράδοσης

Lefkas International Folklore Festival, promotes the message of peace, friendship and brotherhood among nations worldwide through its cultural and traditional folk forms in the art of music and dance..

A uniquely intimate series of concerts celebrating the great canon of chamber music with an ensemble of world-class musicians.

International Andros Festival. A theater, a festival. Performances of ancient greek drama from Epidaurus and concerts of major Greek singers with artistic director the award-winning Pantelis Voulgaris.

Santorini Arts Factory becomes one of the main cores of cultural activity on Santorini as well as a crossroad of civilizations, which will provide direct, firm and constant access to qualitative artistic events

The Kalamata Street Festival is an international, voluntary, non-commercial festival, which aims to offer an open space to young artists to present and promote their work.

Yakinthia is an artistic cultural festival that takes place every year in July on Crete in the village of Anogeia. An important institution of cultural creation in Greece!

One Small Step! All the city is a stage… buildings, streets, squares and artists in an urban dance festival can change the entire image of the city

Weak-end Festival taking place in South Evia in order to strengthen the Greek cultural creation in fields of music, theater, cinema, other media and performing arts

Naxos Festival is a platform for intercultural meetings, Greek and global, and includes art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, dance and various cultural activities.

Dance Days Chania, artists from all over the country and abroad declare with their works that the world of dancing resists, the dance travels, exist..

Kinono Art Festival. The new alternative festival that promotes a new generation of artists at Tinos Island, the island of Culture

Kalamata International Dance Festival is the key event in the year of the city’s International Dance Center.

ADAF is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences

Philippι Festival, the second major, after Epidauria Festival in the country at the ancient theater of Philippon (Kavala)

Put your dancing shoes on and come to Akropoditi DanceFest in Ermoupolis Syros. To share the same floor, the same beach, to dance!

TentArt Festival, is an art festival which takes place in outdoor spaces in Drama, exhibition areas, coffee shops and among the people!

Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival This unique cultural quality Festival will become, once more, a great cultural event for the artistic activities during the summer period in Athens.

Melitzazz festival, a colourful, multi-national gathering of cultures in Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia, promises to combine once again tastes and music in a unique way, the first week of July every year!

Festival of Making Theater is held at the Theater of Changes. All groups are consisted of ToC students and each one presents a play of its own choice

Olympus Festival, includes ancient and modern theatre, dance, music and visual arts, performed by Greek and international artists

Volos Festival! Volos will be totally transformed into a big interactive stage, a film set, where everyone will be able to participate, learn, watch in the ongoing activities redefining each time their outcome

Rabbitlab Festival. The Nostalgia team and RABBITHOLE are organizing the Dance Festival based on painting and named Rabbitlab.

A multidimensional festival, full of theatrical and dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific meetings, tributes and events

Moni Lazariston Festival is a major organizer of cultural activities in Thessaloniki. The greatest artists of the Greek and International music industry constantly win the audience’s acceptance and cheerful applause

SAF Music concerts, special dance shows, graffiti live action, skate-bmx-inline shows and contests and competitions are bursting the adrenaline and reflect the dynamic of the youth

The Athens Gardens Festival is a music Festival wich will be performed and turn the National Gardens for three days into a charming area of artistic expression and creation

Back to Athens is an idea platform a transit meeting place for artists in Athens.

Oiti’s Festival organizes a number of cultural events to stimulate and promote cultural life in the region.

Mount Olymprov, the International Improvisation Theater Festival aims to intoduce the Greek audience in this new form of theater.

Athens Circus Festival! Acrobats, jugglers, musicians, dancers and artists of all spectrum of Alternative Performing Arts take part in a festival inside Technopolis.

The Elaionas festival, is a festival focusing each year on a theme related to the history of the city of Athens, which combines all the arts!

Off- Off Athens Festival main target is to create a theatrical showcase open to everyone – a forum where new theater groups can show their work.

Festival Description “Music In Motion” is a Festival designed and organized by “Music Is Network”, to promote the creative communication of artists active in contemporary dance and contemporary music. The prototype “Music In Motion” Festival, held successfully in May of 2015 at the “Trianon” multiplex theater, introduced the performance of 11 genuine choreographies based on 11 original contemporary compositions. Press Release Music in Motion Festival 2017 27 28 May 2017 At the 3rd MUSIC IN MOTION Festival, that will be held on 27 and 28 May 2017, 14 choreographers present their creations on musical compositions of 10 Greek composers of modern music. For this year’s festival, MUSIC IS collaborated with the choreographer Konstantinos Mihos, who, after an open call, organized a series of experiential  choreography and music meetings that led to the formation of the “pairs” of collaborations (choreographer – composer / three)..

mind the fact festival is a new festival, an innovative model of art and culture featuring performances, exhibitions and actions of high standards

Medieval Rose Festival! It is a cultural event inspired of the medieval history of the island of Rhodes and re-enacts the every day life as well as legendary events of the time

A unique festival that combines a variety of interactive activities for visitors with Surf as it’s main point of interest.

Bob Theater Festival began in 2008. It explores, collects and brings to light, each year, the best performances of young artists of the season.

A great celebration that has been already alive for 60 summers, and from where some of the biggest names in theater, music, dance have made their appearance

The Festival of New Artists “the 12 Coupés”, the achieved railway festival of Arts aimining to promote young artistic forces in the space of culture

Ten days filled with theatrical plays that will be offered to the audiences an important opportunity of promoting and enhancing the theatrical culture.

Salsa Spring Dance Your Prod presents the biggest Salsa Festival in Greece, the Salsa Spring Festival! The biggest salsa dance event in Greece!

The 4th Fast Forward Festival explores the notion of home, of forced displacement and global strategies of precarization through socially engaged artistic practices

AVDP is a videodance festival, it attracts short videodance works of any genre, feature-length dance films and documentaries, dance photo projections, dance performances and installations

Contemporary dance from up-and-coming choreographers working in Greece and beyond. An open dialogue between a new generation of artists, art and society.

In Progress Feedback Festival A festival with the aim of research, experimentation and development of the creative process through the exchange of ideas

The International Puppet and Mime Festival of Kilkis is the only festival of its kind in Greece and promotes the art of puppetry and its role

The Thess Puppet is a theatrical and social proposal aims at promotion and development of theater with puppets and objects

Monitor Festival created not just be another artistic event but to start a dialogue between tradition and modernity between arts and artists from Crete to the rest of Greece and abroad

Caravan Project is a non-profit Greek initiative, aiming at collecting and communicating untold human stories that can inspire and motivate others

Dimitria, the festival that has become an institution for Thessaloniki, will unravel, develop and try to transform the city into an enormous cultural work-site

Swing For Hope, a regularly yearly event, trying to help people and charitable organizations in Greece, through Swing dancing.

Analogio Theatre Festival is presenting Greek and international plays with established actors and directors, has been a notable center for discovering, supporting and promoting young talents.

Festival of Votanikos Under the Railways marking the neighborhood of Votanikos, an important spot! Live music, theatrical performances, and photography exhibitions .

Our Festival 4 days. 8 Groups. 1 Theater reborn from the ashes. 1 Festival. “Our Festival” in Rematia (Chalandri area in Athens)

Santorini circus festival! The festival includes courses, seminars and performances and also musical-theatrical marches and street performances in many villages and selective spots of Santorini.

Dream Festival Medousa! A festival in the heart of the summer, full of entertainment and action, for everybody!

Poros Arts Festival aims to give life in the neighborhoods of the island of Poros and to give a fresh air to the summertime through concerts, exhibitions, cinema, theatre and dance!

Tinos Festival! Concerts, theater, dance, cinema, photography, art events, philosophy, workshops, are all involved creatively with important creators both from Greece, as well as from abroad

For three days, the city of Nafpaktos hostes dancers and their attendants, dancing to the music sounds from every part of the globe

Festival at the Park, a summer cultural, sports, and environmental festivities at the Park of Paros Island.

Icarus Festival for Dialogue between Cultures is an international music festival, an annual event,that hosts performances by artists or groups whose music and art is a product of multicultural participation or inspiration

Sainopoulio Amphitheater Festival. Each summertime the heart of culture is more than present in Sparta, through this great festival that includes theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions all summer long.

Patras International Festival is a leading institution and pillar of the city’s cultural life. It has become a reference point for summer cultural events!

Artwalk -The idea was born in Patras in order to promote the art and techniques of alternative forms of culture focusing on the artistic intervention on the urban landscape