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Routes in Marpissa is a three-day, experiential, cultural festival organized by a group of volunteers and takes place every August in Marpissa, Paros

Pulsar Festival! Three days of music,rarely available and highly demanded by a well-equipped artistic public on the beautiful, historic island of Samothrace

Vovousa festival! The theme of the festival focuses on the mountain altitude, nature conservation through sustainable development and is dedicated to youth, photography, video art and cinematography!

Eye’s Walk Digital Festival is an innovative festival in Greece and the Balkans that connects the unique architectural legacy of Syros with public space and the community of the island

TentArt Festival, is an art festival which takes place in outdoor spaces in Drama, exhibition areas, coffee shops and among the people!

SAF Music concerts, special dance shows, graffiti live action, skate-bmx-inline shows and contests and competitions are bursting the adrenaline and reflect the dynamic of the youth

Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography and related media in Southeastern Europe. The Festival works within an international, national and local context.

The Elaionas festival, is a festival focusing each year on a theme related to the history of the city of Athens, which combines all the arts!

Photometria Festival is the first interactive festival in which they can participate and vote those who love the art of photography!

Art-Athina is today one of the longest-lasting exhibitions of Modern Art in Europe and the largest annual art event in Greece.

Audiovisual Arts Festival. An artistic, educational and scientific activities festival, provides the students of Ionian University an opportunity to present their creative work.

The Holi Fest is a celebration of colors takes place at the end of winter to welcome the Spring Festival is an institution in almost all metropolises of the world now and in Crete!

ADAF is an International Festival which celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering bringing together a global community of artists and audiences

The 4th Fast Forward Festival explores the notion of home, of forced displacement and global strategies of precarization through socially engaged artistic practices

The Island of Love is an international cultural festival, which takes place in Lesvos, on the occasion of the hosting of the holy bones of Saint Valentine on the island

Monitor Festival created not just be another artistic event but to start a dialogue between tradition and modernity between arts and artists from Crete to the rest of Greece and abroad

Caravan Project is a non-profit Greek initiative, aiming at collecting and communicating untold human stories that can inspire and motivate others

Dimitria, the festival that has become an institution for Thessaloniki, will unravel, develop and try to transform the city into an enormous cultural work-site

Applied Arts Festival The ORNERAKIS Applied Arts Center organize a festival that aspires to become an institution in the wider field of Applied Arts!

Action Field Kodra is the visual arts festival in Thessaloniki. Aims to introduce to the public new, emerging artists and experimental artistic activity

SIFestival is a festival of the arts taking place during summer in the beautiful island of Sifnos, in the Cyclades, Greece

The Kalamata Street Festival is an international, voluntary, non-commercial festival, which aims to offer an open space to young artists to present and promote their work.

Dream Festival Medousa! A festival in the heart of the summer, full of entertainment and action, for everybody!

Santorini Arts Factory becomes one of the main cores of cultural activity on Santorini as well as a crossroad of civilizations, which will provide direct, firm and constant access to qualitative artistic events

Poros Arts Festival aims to give life in the neighborhoods of the island of Poros and to give a fresh air to the summertime through concerts, exhibitions, cinema, theatre and dance!

Melitzazz festival, a colourful, multi-national gathering of cultures in Leonidio, the capital of Tsakonia, promises to combine once again tastes and music in a unique way, the first week of July every year!

Antiparos Photo Festival! The photo Festival who’s giving something back to the island of Antiparos and also reinforcing its cultural identity.

Festival at the Park, a summer cultural, sports, and environmental festivities at the Park of Paros Island.

Volos Festival! Volos will be totally transformed into a big interactive stage, a film set, where everyone will be able to participate, learn, watch in the ongoing activities redefining each time their outcome

A multidimensional festival, full of theatrical and dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific meetings, tributes and events

Icarus Festival for Dialogue between Cultures is an international music festival, an annual event,that hosts performances by artists or groups whose music and art is a product of multicultural participation or inspiration

Naxos Festival is a platform for intercultural meetings, Greek and global, and includes art exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, dance and various cultural activities.

Patras International Festival is a leading institution and pillar of the city’s cultural life. It has become a reference point for summer cultural events!

Artwalk -The idea was born in Patras in order to promote the art and techniques of alternative forms of culture focusing on the artistic intervention on the urban landscape

Athens Print Fest! The Festival of Engraving and Printmaking is an Art celebration, an artistic gathering that takes place every three years in Athens