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Micro m Festival! the unique festival of short films that was loved intensely, travels all over Greece and giving an appointment for a moment to become one city, one big cinema

SURPRISE is an international campaign that unites the artistic community and engages art as a way of solving serious social problems.

Athens International Film Festival – Opening Nights, introduces audiences to some of the best productions of the year An ideal opening of the upcoming movie season

Arc for Dance The festival aims to become a meeting point for interesting dance stories from Greece and abroad but also to bring the public of the city in a substantial contact with different versions of contemporary choreographic thinking

After Ciné-club, the French Institute is opening a new festival, the Summer Open-air, French Film Festival!

Athens School Festival is a music initiative of the Organization of Culture, Sport and Youth of City of Athens that the participants are amateur bands from High Schools and Universities

Athens Open Air Film Festival organizes outdoor events against the backdrop of the most distinctive monuments of Athens, touristic destinations as well as more unexpected locations

Aegina Film Festival! Projections of Greek films and tributes to directors at Domaine Kollatos every summer in Aegina with free admission

A uniquely intimate series of concerts celebrating the great canon of chamber music with an ensemble of world-class musicians.

Ejekt Festival, is the only festival in Greece which brings together new and upcoming artists from the global scene along with reknown legendary names.

The LifeArt Global Media Festival is a celebration of art, life and film, past, present and why not the future. A festival for filmmakers of tomorrow!

Full Moon Fiesta, a strong music evening designed to become the new Festival in town at Technopolis City of Athens.

Bollywood & Multicultural Dance Festival This unique cultural quality Festival will become, once more, a great cultural event for the artistic activities during the summer period in Athens.

Με αλληλεγγύη ζούμε ισότιμα και πάμε στο Αντιρατσιστικό Φεστιβάλ που διοργανώνεται απο το Συντονιστικό Αντιρατσιστικών και Μεταναστευτικών Οργανώσεων.Ενάντια στο ρατσισμό, τον αποκλεισμό και τις διακρίσεις

Rockwave Festival, the biggest festival in Eastern Europe, welcomes each year the greatest bands and most popular artists of the music industry!

European Music Day Greece! Organization combines the production and coordination of a series of events that vary in size and in character

Summer Nostos Festival – SNFestival is an arts, sports and education festival that is open to all, organized and funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Colour Day Festival is the largest and most colorful festival in Greece. Colour, passion, dance, creation, smiles! We’re changing Athens with colour!

Street Food and Tunes by Debop is the Athenian version of the big food markets abroad, to a smaller dimension…

Athens Photo Festival is the leading international festival of photography and related media in Southeastern Europe. The Festival works within an international, national and local context.

Rabbitlab Festival. The Nostalgia team and RABBITHOLE are organizing the Dance Festival based on painting and named Rabbitlab.

The Kite Parade is a spectacular Air Show Festival. Giant kites in imaginative designs inspired by the world of the sea, the wind or just the imagination

A multidimensional festival, full of theatrical and dance performances, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, scientific meetings, tributes and events

Greek Jazz Panorama – OCC Music A three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene.

Back to Athens is an idea platform a transit meeting place for artists in Athens.

Mount Olymprov, the International Improvisation Theater Festival aims to intoduce the Greek audience in this new form of theater.

Release Athens is a new festival, aiming to bring a new breath into the musical reality of the country , with a line-up of top acts of the world stage!

Athens Circus Festival! Acrobats, jugglers, musicians, dancers and artists of all spectrum of Alternative Performing Arts take part in a festival inside Technopolis.

The Elaionas festival, is a festival focusing each year on a theme related to the history of the city of Athens, which combines all the arts!

Off- Off Athens Festival main target is to create a theatrical showcase open to everyone – a forum where new theater groups can show their work.

Festival Description “Music In Motion” is a Festival designed and organized by “Music Is Network”, to promote the creative communication of artists active in contemporary dance and contemporary music. The prototype “Music In Motion” Festival, held successfully in May of 2015 at the “Trianon” multiplex theater, introduced the performance of 11 genuine choreographies based on 11 original contemporary compositions. Press Release Music in Motion Festival 2017 27 28 May 2017 At the 3rd MUSIC IN MOTION Festival, that will be held on 27 and 28 May 2017, 14 choreographers present their creations on musical compositions of 10 Greek composers of modern music. For this year’s festival, MUSIC IS collaborated with the choreographer Konstantinos Mihos, who, after an open call, organized a series of experiential  choreography and music meetings that led to the formation of the “pairs” of collaborations (choreographer – composer / three)..

mind the fact festival is a new festival, an innovative model of art and culture featuring performances, exhibitions and actions of high standards

Erotic Art Festival! The festival that has as a motive the eroticism and sexual mood in all its dimensions.

Art-Athina is today one of the longest-lasting exhibitions of Modern Art in Europe and the largest annual art event in Greece.

A unique festival that combines a variety of interactive activities for visitors with Surf as it’s main point of interest.

A Jazz musical journey with one of the most important cultural institutions in Athens. Technopolis becomes the center of the world hosting jazz trends around the globe.

Bob Theater Festival began in 2008. It explores, collects and brings to light, each year, the best performances of young artists of the season.

A great celebration that has been already alive for 60 summers, and from where some of the biggest names in theater, music, dance have made their appearance

The Festival of New Artists “the 12 Coupés”, the achieved railway festival of Arts aimining to promote young artistic forces in the space of culture

Athens Burger Festival! The first gastronomic festival in Greece exclusively dedicated to Burger some of the best restaurants and Burger Houses of Athens will serve for three days their own tasty propositions!

Big Bang Festival! The European music festival for young people and the adventurous visitors 0-12 years old stops off at the OCC!

Views of fantasy Τhe biggest and longest Festival for Fantasy Literature in Greece.The only Greek festival dedicated to fantasy literature!

AITC gives the pulse in the tattoo community in Greece with information about the ancient art of tattoo, tattoo contests, live music, shopping and trading area!

Δι Eleusis Festival is an international gathering for wellness and art through its creative economy is transforming into a modern European city, Elefsina

Fylis Climbing Festival! A two-days climbing festival in the climbing fields around the Municipality of Fyli, on the outskirts of Parnitha.

Greece, Feast, Flavors is a multilevel festival, which has as its main objective the enhancement of Greek food products, a common feature of the certified quality.

Athens Street Food Festival, the celebration of taste of urban city, welcomes all your favorite “street” delicacies across the world, in the heart of Athens

FASMA festival is a collective attempt to show the prism within which today’s music manifests itself. Aims to bridge art, technology, music and culture under one single event

The 4th Fast Forward Festival explores the notion of home, of forced displacement and global strategies of precarization through socially engaged artistic practices

AVDP is a videodance festival, it attracts short videodance works of any genre, feature-length dance films and documentaries, dance photo projections, dance performances and installations

En Lefko Film Festival a brand new cinematic experience A week full of screenings and happenings exploring more or less all forms of art.

Borderline Festival! Sound to its limits. Subversive performances and projects in search of new forms of expression and new productions of sound.

Comicdom Con Athens is an annual three-day comics festival, organized by the non-profit organization Comicdom Press, the Hellenic American Union and the French Institute Of Greece.

Vinyl regains its natural place, Technopolis, with an exclusive VINYL MARKET where all dealers and shops, will present their new collections!

i.P.A.S. Film Festival, the only international Short Film Festival exclusively with political and activist character

Electric Nights is an annual contemporary electronic music festival organised in Athens, Greece, by the artist collective Medea Electronique

Athens Science Festival! Discover science in your everyday life. The biggest celebrations of science and technology in Greece.

Τhe Francophone Film Festival of Greece offers the audience an exceptional selection of French and Francophone films for a whole week

In Progress Feedback Festival A festival with the aim of research, experimentation and development of the creative process through the exchange of ideas

Vinyl is Back “was set up” in order to mark the final, non discussable and systematic return of vinyl, in order to be an effective platform of systematic recording of all the involved parts

Athens ANIMFEST welcomes animated movies, both short and feature films, from all over the world.

AIDFF progressing the idea of digital cinema, concludes fiction films, documentaries, animation, video art, video dance, experimental and student films that were created by using new digital media

Europavox Festival ambition is to talk about Europe in a positive way with a human approach and prove that unity in diversity can apply to young Europeans in creative fields such as music

AthensCon is the first convention held in Greece that will be heavily influenced by worldwide Comic-Cons and conventions promoting popular interests of our times

Plisskën Festival, prides for its genre-defying philosophy and aims to embrace music from a diversified background. Feel the vibe of Plisskën!

Festival of Greek Honey and Bee Products, it’s the largest event of this kind in Greece, with local producers from across the country

Ethnofest Festival retains its academic dimension, by providing a platform to young filmmakers, anthropologists and social scientists to showcase their work!

Panorama of European Cinema The longest running film festival of Athens providing the audience with the opportunity to be the first to watch movies that will leave a strong imprint on the current film season

Adventure Film Festival. The first Greek cinematographic festival dedicated in the athletic activities of adventure, is ready to unite the friends of adventure sports

Caravan Project is a non-profit Greek initiative, aiming at collecting and communicating untold human stories that can inspire and motivate others

Swing For Hope, a regularly yearly event, trying to help people and charitable organizations in Greece, through Swing dancing.

The NEFELE initiative has as a top priority the organization of a European Festival of Art for Mental Health.

Analogio Theatre Festival is presenting Greek and international plays with established actors and directors, has been a notable center for discovering, supporting and promoting young talents.

Applied Arts Festival The ORNERAKIS Applied Arts Center organize a festival that aspires to become an institution in the wider field of Applied Arts!

Festival of Votanikos Under the Railways marking the neighborhood of Votanikos, an important spot! Live music, theatrical performances, and photography exhibitions .

Djangofest Athens The great celebration of gypsy jazz in Athens! It represents a musical initiative dealing with the gypsy jazz music and friends this

Athens Bike Festival! Athens is a city with a growing cycling culture and that an annual cycling festival in the heart of the city is ideal for the increasing number of cyclists.

Aegina Fistiki Fest is the largest commercial and economic event in the region, the major festive event to take place in the Saronic Gulf.

Our Festival 4 days. 8 Groups. 1 Theater reborn from the ashes. 1 Festival. “Our Festival” in Rematia (Chalandri area in Athens)

Athenian Film Festival. The city as an ideal occasion for a cinematic feast, with backdrop of Athens!!!

Poros Arts Festival aims to give life in the neighborhoods of the island of Poros and to give a fresh air to the summertime through concerts, exhibitions, cinema, theatre and dance!

Falirofornia Festival! With the view of the sea, sunset, palm trees and the beach, Palaio Faliro will host a festival dedicated to the culture of the place with a taste California.

Hip Hop Smile Festival A Festival targeting on Hip Hop music, of which all profits goes directly to the voluntary non-profit organization The Smile of The Child

Athens Print Fest! The Festival of Engraving and Printmaking is an Art celebration, an artistic gathering that takes place every three years in Athens

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